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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Moustache Feelings

I don't think a mustache is that good to have. They're kind of boring. They don't really do anything. Mustaches don't really represent anything. They're just another item of facial hair. People have had mustaches on their face for decades, so I wouldn't call it a trend. Mustaches are just a simple style of vanity; there's nothing else to it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who Are These People?

Today I read The Fellowship of the Ring again and I am speculating who a group could be. Frodo and his friends have reached the inn. When they were walking through the gate into town the gatekeeper mentioned something about a strange group that came into town not to long ago. At first thought, it would make sense that it is more "black riders" due to the fact that they haven't seen one for a while. But I also am considering the idea that it could be someone who could prove helpful to Frodo and his friends. What I read today was puzzling.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don't Say It!

I read The Fellowship of the Ring again today and things aren't looking good for Frodo and his friends. They have been moving on in their journey but I think something bad I going to happen. Frodo and his friends are going to arrive at an inn soon and while thinking of the inn they were fantasizing about their home. I have a feeling they are going to get caught up in the moment at the inn treat it like home. By this I mean they are going to feel safe at home and accidentally mention the Frodo has left the shire. This is bad because if this slips out then those who are after Frodo and his friends will probably get this news and they will learn where he is. What I read today was exciting.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Finally Some Action!

I read the Fellowship of the Ring again today and the story actually had some action and story development! Frodo and his friends started on their journey again and they were captured by a feared monster called a barrow wight. I thought that part was very interesting and gripping. I think the story is finally going to start to pick up.

Monday, April 3, 2017

An Epic and Exciting Adventure... Maybe Not

For the past couple months I have been reading the first book in the Lord of the Ring series. It is advertised as an "epic and exciting classic." I don't agree with this statement at all. I'm am about halfway into the book and the story hasn't progressed at all. So far Frodo and his friends have been traveling through a forest and they have stopped at someone's house. It just isn't that fun to read. I am hoping that it will get better but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Why the Giver Book is Better Than the Movie

In english class we have recently read The Giver. After reading the book, we watched the movie, which had some significant changes from the book in it. We were asked to write a post on why we think the book is better than the movie, or vice versa. I think the changes in the movie differed too far from the book. I think maybe the movie could be a good movie on it's own, but it doesn't respect the book like I think it should. I think the book is better than the movie because the beginning of the movie was rushed, the ending wasn't as mysterious as the book, and some of the characters had different roles than they had in the book.

In the book, the exposition is really long. I think this long exposition is essential to the story because it builds up the setting of the book. In the movie, the beginning was pretty rushed. Right from the start it gave us the information that something had happened in the world and the communities were built out of the catastrophic event. Instead of giving us events like the apple and the crowd, Jonas tells us right away that he has always "seen things." It had an event where he saw an apple change color but it wasn't nearly as significant as it was in the book. The apple is one of the most memorable parts from the giver. One of the reasons the movie doesn't respect the book very well is because the beginning was just too rushed to really set up the story like it did in the book.

The ending in the movie doesn't correspond to the ending in the book very well. The ending of the Giver book is very distorted and hard to understand. Because of this mysterious ending, it has been debated for a long time what really happened at the ending. This is one of the things that makes the giver such a great book to read. In the movie, we know exactly what happened at the end. We know that he lived and that he reached the boundary of memory. The ending in the movie also contained added scenes that weren't in the book. The whole part where they are about to release fiona and they received the memories takes away even more of the mystery because we know what had happened back in the community. It wouldn't have been too hard to recreate the mystery that Lois Lowery created when she wrote the ending of the giver. Overall, the ending was too different from the book.

I think one of the biggest reasons why the movie destroys the story of the book is because a lot of the characters had different roles than they had in the book. For example, Fiona played too big of a part in the movie. The movie added a lot more romance than there was in the book. Jonas and Fiona felt romantic feelings towards each other in the movie. The reason this isn't good is because the story is supposed to show the loneliness that Jonas feels during his job as receiver and when Fiona feels love with him it is defeating the whole purpose of him not sharing anything with his friends or his family. Another character that has a different part than he had in the book is Asher. Asher wasn't that big of a character in the book. He was just Jonas' friend. The movie adds a conflict between Jonas and Asher near the end. The chief elder wasn't even a character in the book and in the movie they gave her a very big part as the antagonist. The movie changed up the characters roles too much.

The movie altered too many things to respect the book. The beginning was too rushed, the ending wasn't very mysterious and debatable, and the characters didn't adopt the roles they should have. Many people didn't enjoy the movie because of these changes. I know that I will be sticking to the book from now on. Some book-to-movie adaptations can be really good but hollywood involved themselves a little too much in this one.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Going Into the Past

Going Into the Past

It was 5:14 P.M. and the smell of pancake batter along with bacon was spreading through the air. My Nana was a fun person and felt like cooking breakfast for dinner today. It was a rainy, overcast tuesday. I walked from the dining room, where I was finishing up my homework, to the kitchen. I sat down at the table with my notebook and pencil, ready to write.
“ Hey Nana. I’m ready to do that interview I told you about earlier.”
“ Okay, go ahead.”

Q: Did you love or hate middle school when you were my age?
A: I liked middle school. It gave me a lot more freedom and it wasn’t as chaotic as elementary. Where I went to middle school, it was sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade all in one school. I would hang out with my friends a lot more. The teachers were pretty fun and the work was a lot less childish.

Q: What did it mean to be cool back then?
A: To be cool meant to be athletic and popular. All the football players were really popular and well known. There was also a group of girls at my school that were kind of mean. They were really popular though. Everybody else always wanted to hang out with them.

Q: What was your favorite thing to do and why?
A: I loved to do after school sports and clubs. My parents were constantly working to support the family when I was young. Since I was the oldest sibling, I had to take care of my younger siblings and do all the chores. Going to after school sports was a great way for me to delay going home.

Q: What was your favorite sport?
A: Volleyball was my favorite sport. I was pretty good at it.

Q: What friends did you have?
A: I had a group of girls I would hang out with. They were good friends

Q: What did you do together?
A: We would go to the mall a lot. We also liked to just hang out and talk. My older sister worked at the movie theatre and would let us in free and give us popcorn. That was a pretty fun thing to do. Our school hosted a couple of dances that we would go to.

Q:Who was an important person in your life and why?
A: The counselor at my school was very important to me. She was always very sweet. If I needed advice about anything she would give it to me. Both of my parents were always working so I never could talk about my problems to them. She was the one I would talk to about my problems. She would also tutor me if I needed help academically.

Q: If you could tell one thing to your younger self, what would it be.
A: If I could tell something to my younger self, it would be to be more self confident and self assured. I was very shy back then. I would have liked to join more activities, clubs, and groups. I definitely could have done more things if I had more confidence.

Me: That’ll be all for now. Thank you.

That was my Nana, I interviewed. She is 70 years old and 5’3”. She has short, black, curly hair. Her face has wrinkles but she is in pretty good shape for 70. She is constantly doing chores and work. She likes to cook and, in my opinion, is really good at it. Her family is mexican so she likes to make and eat a lot of mexican foods. Sometimes she’ll say big words with an accent or emphasize a certain part of that word. She also likes to use older terms that most people don’t use today. For example, she refers to her friends as her girlfriends.

Overall, it was fun to conduct this interview. I learned some new things about her life when she was growing up too. I’ve always wondered why she liked to work, and I can infer it is because of the house she grew in and the fact that she was always taking care of her younger siblings because she worked so much. It was cool to see how the popularity scale worked back then and how much it has changed. Although things were a lot different back then, My Nana went through things a lot of kids go through today. My Nana was also pretty fun to interview. I’m glad I had to do this interview for class because it was a great chance to learn more about my Nana and I enjoyed it.