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Monday, October 30, 2017


This last Friday, our class hosted a tea to finish off our cooking unit. Each kitchen group invited two guests and spent the morning sipping tea and eating food. A lot of preparation went into making this tea happen so it felt really rewarding when we had it. Our group used Earl Grey Tea for our tea. We made scones, chocolate mousse, and pumpkin bread. We decorated our table with an autumn theme that included an autumn themed basket for our centerpiece. Overall, I thought the tea was a great way to end out our cooking unit and really enjoyed it. It was also a great way to practice our social skills and meet the guests.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pre-Reading Questions "The Veldt"

Have your parents ever denied you something that you wanted more than anything in the world?

I've never really wanted something more than anything in the world, but I've been denied things that I wanted pretty badly. Most of this stuff happened when I was way younger. It would be something I saw on T.V. or something a friend had that I wanted. It definitely doesn't feel good to be denied it, but now that I'm older I understand that not everyone can have things the way they want.

What might happen if rooms in your house could become sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of people?

If something like that happened, the room would probably adjust to the mood that someone is feeling. Maybe the atmosphere of the room would give off an effect on someone in the room at the time.

What is your perspective of the viewpoint held by some parents that "Nothing's too good for our children."

I don't really support this viewpoint because if parents were to raise their children using that principle, the children would end up being really spoiled.

Look up the definition for "veldt" and write it down.

The open country, bearing grass, bushes, or shrubs, or thinly forested, characteristic parts of southern Africa.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Closed and Open Adoptions: Which One?

Adoption is kind of a controversial subject. There are many different pros and cons to adoptions, and every situation is different. Should kids be allowed to know their adoption information? Some people think kids should have the right to know their biological families. Parents who put their kids up for adoption my not have been ready to take care of a kid. Maybe they were financially stable or hadn't prepared themselves enough. Some of those parents don't want their identities known to their kids. They don't want to be embarrassed that they couldn't have been able to take care of their own son or daughter. To avoid embarrassment, they set up closed adoptions so no one can find out they put a child up for adoption. Some families who end up adopting a child keep the information private in case the biological parents are drug addicts or criminals. Some children and families want to know about the child's past and his biological parents. Overall, I think it should be up to the kid when he's and adult.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Moustache Feelings

I don't think a mustache is that good to have. They're kind of boring. They don't really do anything. Mustaches don't really represent anything. They're just another item of facial hair. People have had mustaches on their face for decades, so I wouldn't call it a trend. Mustaches are just a simple style of vanity; there's nothing else to it.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Who Are These People?

Today I read The Fellowship of the Ring again and I am speculating who a group could be. Frodo and his friends have reached the inn. When they were walking through the gate into town the gatekeeper mentioned something about a strange group that came into town not to long ago. At first thought, it would make sense that it is more "black riders" due to the fact that they haven't seen one for a while. But I also am considering the idea that it could be someone who could prove helpful to Frodo and his friends. What I read today was puzzling.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don't Say It!

I read The Fellowship of the Ring again today and things aren't looking good for Frodo and his friends. They have been moving on in their journey but I think something bad I going to happen. Frodo and his friends are going to arrive at an inn soon and while thinking of the inn they were fantasizing about their home. I have a feeling they are going to get caught up in the moment at the inn treat it like home. By this I mean they are going to feel safe at home and accidentally mention the Frodo has left the shire. This is bad because if this slips out then those who are after Frodo and his friends will probably get this news and they will learn where he is. What I read today was exciting.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Finally Some Action!

I read the Fellowship of the Ring again today and the story actually had some action and story development! Frodo and his friends started on their journey again and they were captured by a feared monster called a barrow wight. I thought that part was very interesting and gripping. I think the story is finally going to start to pick up.